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Roch Proteau

Head Coach/Founder

A teacher since 1996, Roch has always had a profound desire to help people reach their goals. His optimistic outlook on life combined with a passion for exploring the potential of the human body are at the core of his drive to support individuals with training that optimizes their well being.


  • C.C.N. (Certified Clinical Nutritionnist) LV 1-2 (Robert Rakowski)
  • Crossfit Trainer Level 2
  • PNCE gymnastic 1
  • PNCE Olympic Lifting 1 (Andrée Robitaille)
  • Crossfit Nutrition (Robb Wolf / Mathieu Lalonde)
  • Crossfit Strong man (Rob Orlando)
  • Strong Man (Hugo Girard)
  • Biosignature (Charles Poliquin)
  • F.I.T. Level 3 (Mike White)
  • Mobility by Agatsu. (Shawn Mozen)
  • 1 st series of Ashtanga yoga (David Swanson)
  • Kriyas Yoga LV 2 (Meditation & Breathing) (Marshall Govindan).
  • OPT CCP Nutrition. (Mathieu Lalonde)
  • OPT CCP Life Coach. . (James Fitzgerald)
  • OPT CCP Physical assesment. . (James Fitzgerald)
  • OPT CCP Program desing. . (James Fitzgerald)
  • OPT CCP Buissness. . (James Fitzgerald)
  • OPT Mix Modality training (James Fitzgerald)
  • Darren Coughland, Give'm Cold Steel, Functional Training
  • Human Biology
  • Physiology of physical activity

Experience and Accomplishment

  • CROSSFIT GAMES 2009 (As an individual athlete).
  • CROSSFIT REGIONNALS 2010 (As an individual athlete).
  • CROSSFIT REGIONNALS 2011 (As an individual athlete).
  • CROSSFIT REGIONNALS 2012 (as an individual athlete).
  • CROSSFIT GAMES 2013 (As a coach).
  • CROSSFIT GAMES 2014 (As a coach and team's athlete)
  • CROSSFIT GAMES 2015 (As a coach and team's athlete)
  • CROSSFIT REGIONALS 2016 (As a coach and team's athlete)
  • Trainer since 1997.
  • Manager of CF Montreal (2008-2010), CF St-Hubert (2011-2012).
  • Founder and owner of Crossfit PRO1 (opening 2013).
  • Gymnastic Trainer (Glacier Gymnastic B.C.)
  • Conferencing in fitness, nutrition, health and well-being since 2009.
  • Black belt 2em Dan Shorin Ji Kempo (8 years), JKD (7 years), MMA (2 years) (9 years of competition).
  • 4 years of Yoga practice. 3 years of teaching.
  • 10 years of competitive soccer AA.
  • Specialist in Programming and Rehabilitation for individuals who want to practice using the Crossfit method.

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